About us


Our headquarters and main factory are located in the South East of Spain, distanced 15 km of the maritime port of Cartagena, 90 km of the Alicante maritime port and 10 km from the International Airport of Murcia.

Notre entreprise dispose de bureaux en Amérique du Sud (Sao Paulo) et au Maroc (Oujda).


Mármoles Torre Pacheco
Avda. La Estrella, 10
Pol. Ind. La Estrella
30700 Torre Pacheco, Murcia

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Marmoles Torre Pacheco is a stone company with demonstrated experience in design, manufacturing, marketing and installation into buildings of stone products.

The current company grew up from a small family workshop started in 1965. After these past years it has become a leader company within the stone sector, and now is showing a very high technology for both manufacturing a managing.



During the years we learnt that customers come first. They are our main focus. So that we intend to provide a complete service which is according to market demands, based on a well qualified team with extensive experience.

Experience from many years of working, vocational team and continuous innovation are the main pillars to support our development and expansion for both national and international markets.